An intimate project, the series Magna Mater by photographer Aurora Troise tells us about imaginations, memories and fantasies.

Aurora imposes a tightened frame on a multiform living. Without filter, nature speaks its own language. It is believed, violent sometimes. No truism between nature and us, and we must consent to its vocabulary to experience it. Spontaneously, nature gives us its life force. Leaves, toads, trees, birds: all emit energy and subject us to their visual power.

It is in the Alps, where she spent her childhood, that Aurora makes these photos of wild nature. Something virgin emanates from this place that she calls a “corner of paradise”. It is a sacred nature, perhaps because it is sacralized, through the pictures. The images tell us as much about nature as they tell us about ourselves, our gaze and its power. The exaltation of the forms, colors and movements of this macrocosm reveal the intensity of our own gaze.

Whether he discovers or creates the divine, the human gaze knows how to perceive the forces at work in the world. Forces of beauty, love, and creation that belong to nature and man.
Forces that unite nature and man.

2019, October—Soleil Rouge Magazine

Texte: Pauline Delfino

Aurora Troise