Let me tell you the story of a Demon called
Mephistophela, who's dancing and contemplating nature in a magical Purple Hill

Something was blowing in the forest.
She was slowly walking to perceive the hidden power otherwordly, her fingertips was still tingling
“I never felt so clouded before”- whispered Méphistophéla while walking down the Purple Hills.

Despite pits November, also in the
evening the air was stale and heavy.

Suddenly that strange creature appeared right in front of me; she had long, black thick hair dancing through the wind, and she was staring at me. This vision on the Purple Hills made me freeze,I had no choice but to observe her spit branches of the tree behind her. Shortly thereafter, Méphistophéla began to disappear.

Racheal Godt!

The Dancer
Rachel Godt

Marguerite Machuel

Julia Grandperret

Text and Images: Aurora Troise